Stage 3: Maintenance

Non-Invasive Body Sculpt & Contour


UltraSound Cavitation

Eliminate unwanted fat deposits! This method uses high frequency technology to liquify fat into liquid, leaving room to sculpt the rest!


Wood Sculpt Therapy

Reduce appearance of cellulite, shape & slim those problem areas with use of sculpted wooden tools therapy. 100% Natural

Wood Therapy + Slim Suit

Wood Therapy + Slim Suit


Low frequency light therapy


Slimmer Slimmer Thighs w/ Air compression and heat lamp

Target : Mid-Section

Target : Mid-Section


Anti Cellulite Wood Therapy

(full circumference)

Laser Lipo & UltraSound Cavitation

(full circumference)

*Packages are recommended for the best results! Customized for you.

Target Areas:

  • Slimmer Thighs - Front, Back & Inner Thighs Includes air-pressure slim suit for legs. An added bonus!

  • What Waist? - We cover your entire waist! Including those flanks.

  • Bigger Booty Duty - With infrared rays and high frequency vibration

  • Release the Wings (Arms) - Includes air-pressure slim suit for arms. An added bonus!

  • Slim Neck & Chin - Tighten and contour from jaws to clavicle area


Bigger Booty on Duty! Along with slimmer thighs wood work.