Stage 1 :

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage


Recently had liposuction, fat transfer, BBL, breast augmentation/reduction, hysterectomy? Lymphatic (medical) massage speeds up recovery time, improve proper scar formation, assist detoxification and decrease swelling.

Fit better into your faja (compression suit, garment, waist trainer), rid fast -forming stubborn knots and smooth out the appearance of hardening tissue. Post Op clients are considered to currently be under a doctor's care, usually up 3 months after surgery. Packages are available!


Have Confidence and get the best results possible!

Set up for Wet Lymphatic Drainage

Set up for Wet Lymphatic Drainage



Proper Post-Op Care is essential for your entire healing process.  During consultation we go over your procedure, your concerns. your goals  and the longevity of your initial investment. YOUR BODY!

Stage 1

Reduce  inflammation and fluid !   Without this basic step , fluid can  be trapped within the tissue and can get painful and uncomfortable .

Wet Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

(While we do not reopen your incisions, we will receive you the same day of surgery, your incisions are open,  and will physically drain you through those openings)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

(Slow, intentional movement throughout the entire body, opening the  body’s natural navigation system and rid the body of excess fluid after surgery)

10 Manual Lymphatic Drainage Sessions 

10 Manual Lymphatic Drainage Sessions + Ultrasound Massage (a value of $250) included with Dr's permission, 30 days or more post op and/or 10% (or less) of fluid retention. A savings of $350!

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